Welcome to my first post! I have decided to create a Medium for a number of reasons. Most of my content will cover beauty-related topics. Everything from makeup hauls to recommending products, favorite brands, skin care, nail polish, and more! I have also decided to include some other personal topics on here as well. Now back to the makeup!

I love all things beauty and believe that anyone can do makeup! Deciding to wear makeup is completely entirely up to you. There are several things I love about makeup. However, one of the things I love the most is creativity. Granted, there are makeup tips out there for the best ways to wear makeup, etc. However, in my opinion, (it’s okay if you disagree), one can wear makeup however they so choose to!

Personally, I love to experiment with new makeup looks and try different things. I have gotten into colorful makeup lately. Well, I should probably just say pops of color. I still find color somewhat intimidating. Anyways, I look forward to posting and I hope you as the reader, find my posts interesting. If there is something specific you would like to see, please let me know:)

Disclaimer: I am brand new to Medium let alone writing online in a public space. So please bear with me in terms of format etc. I am still learning! I hope you enjoy:)



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Madeline B

Hello, my name is Madeline (pronounced Madelyn) and I am in my mid-twenties! My page will mainly consist of makeup along with some personal posts! Enjoy:)